Upcoming Workshop May 15th : Practical Strategies to Boost Executive Functioning and Reduce Stress in Everyday Routines and Activities

Free Mini Workshop for Parents!

Get instant access to this 20 minute workshop to learn:

  • WHY your child may be struggling with executive functioning, social communication, or emotional regulation skills.

  • WHAT you can do and say in stressful parenting moments that actually helps build your child’s social-emotional skills in the process!

  • HOW to help your child in the morning, after school, and at bedtime so you have smoother routines at home and more ease and joy in your day.

Plus strengths-based downloadable activities for your child (and a cheat sheet to bring more calm in your parenting!)

Join school psychologist Dr. Rebecca Branstetter and speech-language pathologist Elizabeth Sautter in this on-demand crash course today!

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