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Social Emotional Learning For Families of Neurodivergent Kids

I help parents, families and kids navigate social situations, manage emotions and reduce anxiety.

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Help kids manage emotions, navigate social situations and reduce anxiety.

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Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick

Check out this busy parent’s guidebook, filled with practical activities to help your child manage emotions, navigate social situations & reduce anxiety.

Make It Stick Parenting

Supporting Your Child’s Social And Emotional Growth Can Be A Natural Part Of Your Daily Routine

This course provides a proven pathway for busy parents to help your neurodivergent (e.g., autistic/ADHD/LD/anxious/sensitive) child thrive.

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Discover tools that help with controlling emotions, staying mindful, organising tasks, and communicating with others effectively.

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Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC

Before I had children, I thought that my personal and professional experience was going to equip me with all the tools and strategies needed to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. But by the time my children hit adolescence, my tools weren’t working. Even as a trained professional, I struggled to find effective ways of supporting the social and emotional needs of my children, as I helped them navigate big emotions, low motivation, and social anxiety. For years this kept me up at night, searching for more information…looking for the next tool, the next magic trick. I realized that I needed more.

I went back to the research and literature and the philosophy of positive discipline. I realized that there is not one magic trick or strategy…it’s a process and a journey.

I also realized that many other parents are on a similar path and would benefit from having the resources and information provided and laid out in a systematic format that they can access whenever they need and created many resources to help parents deal with their children’s social and emotional needs.

I’m not only teaching what works, but I’m practicing it every day. It’s not always easy, but armed with successful parenting tools and a community of parents just like you, you can face the ups and downs of parenting with renewed excitement.

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“Embracing teachable moments in real time while sprinkling in social-emotional development into your everyday life. Remember, boosting your child’s social and emotional well-being is an add IN, not an add ON to your busy life.”

– Elizabeth Sautter

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