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Nurturing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Through Parent-Teacher Partnerships: Building a Strong Support System for Children

As a new school year begins, parents and teachers have a unique opportunity to work together in fostering the social-emotional development of children. By forming a strong parent-teacher partnership, we can collectively alleviate overwhelm and burdens while building a solid support system for our children. Let’s explore some strategies to stay connected throughout the school […]

Focusing on Your Child’s Strengths Could Actually Help Strengthen Their Weaknesses

In our role as caregivers, we often find ourselves fixated on our children’s weaknesses, driven by societal pressure, fear of falling behind, and a natural tendency to compare, but what if we shifted our focus to nurturing their strengths and interests, creating a positive environment that fosters their self-esteem, motivation, and overall growth? Why We […]

Nurturing Neurodiversity-Affirming Social and Emotional Skills in School-Aged Children

As children journey through their school-aged years, they embark on a path of self-discovery, connection, and increased social interactions. In this phase, it’s essential to embrace neurodiversity-affirming practices that honor the uniqueness of each child’s social and emotional development. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) offers a comprehensive toolkit to help school-aged kids not only navigate their […]

“Listening is NOT a Behavior You Can See”

Listen to me! Look at me when I’m talking to you! Sit still!   This is how we were taught to listen and this is how it’s taught in most households and classrooms. We have been conditioned to think that these actions are the standard for listening and that they are helpful and show respect. […]