Get The Workshop : Practical Strategies to Boost Executive Functioning and Reduce Stress in Everyday Routines and Activities

Follow Your Child’s Lead to Boost Social, Emotional, and Executive Functioning Skills

Embarking on the journey of parenting often unveils unexpected lessons, and our children become our greatest teachers. In a recent encounter with my 15-year-old son, I was reminded of the profound influence that arises from intentionally supporting our kids by embracing their interests. This experience underscored the important role intrinsic motivation plays in fostering learning […]

From Goal to Reality: Lunch Planning Builds Executive Functioning Skills

As parents and caregivers, we often ponder the best ways to instill important life skills in our children. One skill that transcends age and time is the ability to transform dreams into realities through thoughtful planning and execution. As we embark on this journey of setting goals and making positive changes, it’s crucial to recognize […]

Parenting with a Growth Mindset: Helping Kids Believe in the Value of Failure

As parents, we all want our children to thrive and excel, but it’s essential to remember that success isn’t just about achievements – it’s about fostering a positive mindset that embraces challenges and learning from failures. Drawing from the insights shared in the Growth Mindset Journal for Boys that I co-wrote with my son Gabriel, […]

Pay it Forward for Valentine’s Day

In today’s fast-paced world, fostering social-emotional skills in children is more important than ever. Recently, I had the opportunity to introduce the concept of “paying it forward” to a 4th-grade class, intertwining it with the practice of heartfulness. This initiative aimed to cultivate compassion, empathy, and a sense of community in the young minds. Let’s […]

Using Gratitude to Increase Well-Being – Five Tips to Help Get Started

As the holiday season approaches, we’re presented with a wonderful opportunity to enhance our family connections and cultivate gratitude. Integrating mindfulness and gratitude practices into this festive time can create lasting memories and a more meaningful holiday experience. Here are five mindful tips to help you infuse the holiday season with a sense of connection […]

Elevating Your Child’s Journey with Year-Round Social-Emotional Learning

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)? Social Emotional Learning (SEL) encompasses a range of skills that empower children to navigate their emotions, understand others, and forge connections. It’s not confined to a specific age group; instead, it’s a lifelong journey that begins with fostering self-awareness and empathy. Through SEL, children learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, […]