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Mom-ME Circle: Support for Moms of Extraordinary Neurodivergent Kids, Teens, and Young Adults


To focus on the “me” in mommy because we can’t pour from an empty cup!


Come together to be part of a nurturing community of moms with neurodivergent kids so you can nurture your child’s neurodiversity with love and ease.


Parenting is hard! The role of being a mother and nurturing your children is often challenging. And when we add complex, additional needs, the load gets even heavier. These kids require our patient care, love, and advocacy to thrive in a world that might not always understand them.


We really “get” it and you are not alone!




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What's Included:

6 Live Online Gatherings: Be a part of this first-ever, pilot circle and engage in 90-minute interactive sessions via Zoom each week. Can't make it? Don't worry! Video and audio replays will be available for your convenience. However, it’s best if you can be there live.

Dates: September 25th-October 30th 2023

Mondays from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PST: Mark your calendar for live gatherings, where we'll dive into meaningful topics.

Weekly Zoom Meetings: Don't worry about the tech – we'll provide you with a full schedule and everything you need to join us, including records (but live is much more fun:)

Weekly Themes: (Subject to change)

Week 1: Self-Love

Week 2: Self-Acceptance

Week 3: Self-Forgiveness

Week 4: Self-care

Week 5: Self-Expression

Week 6: Self Worth

Limited space, this will be a small group.

Forever Access:

All gatherings will be recorded, ensuring you never miss out. Enjoy them at your own pace and revisit these enriching discussions whenever you like.


Share your questions or thoughts ahead of time, and we’ll address them during our sessions. Your voice matters.


Payment: $150 (pilot program rate)


Ask if you need assistance, see below.

Giving Back: Making an Impact Together

25% of All Proceeds Donated: We believe in the power of community. With every choice you make, you’re contributing to The Powerful Project, helping families provide vital mental health support to their teens and young adults.

Embrace Yourself. Embrace the Circle.

We want this to be inclusive, so please ask us if you need financial assistance. We will be donating 25% to the Powerful Project.

Need more flexibility? We understand. Contact [email protected], and we'll work together to find the right plan for you.


Sign up with your email address to join the waitlist for the upcoming Mom-ME Circle.

We respect your privacy.

Filling Each Other's Watering Cans

As we nurture Imagine a circle of moms coming together, each with their watering can of experience, wisdom, and empathy. At Mom-ME Circle, we create a nurturing space where we uplift and support one another just as we do for our children. We believe in the strength of community – a place where you can be seen, heard, and embraced for the remarkable mother you are. Our kids are not broken; they’re vibrant, unique, and blooming in their own way. And so are we!

Hi We’re Elizabeth Sautter and Isabelle Bridges.

Our circle not only acknowledges but wholeheartedly embraces this diversity within the spectrum. We want to support and nurture neurodiversity-affirming parenting. We also recognize that there are additional and complex needs that we need to help our children navigate and advocate for. It can be exhausting and overwhelming. Here, moms like you can come together to share, learn, and flourish.

As co-regulators and caregivers, we need and deserve nourishment and support to show up for our kids and families and be able to thrive.

In order to do that, join us for this circle of love and support that is not about your children, it’s about you and your needs!

It is not coaching, not therapy, not fixing each other. It’s about deep connection and love with other moms who understand.

Secure your spot today and invest in your personal growth and empowerment with Mom-ME Circle. Your journey deserves this nurturing space, and together, we’re not only supporting each other but making a positive impact on others as well. We can’t wait to embark on this transformative experience with you.

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