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Emotional Regulation Card Deck



Introducing our printable card deck that is designed to help children build emotional awareness, develop coping skills and reduce anxiety. This deck contains 54 cards, each featuring a unique strategy for emotional regulation that can be easily applied in everyday situations. Each card is packed with helpful tips and actionable advice on what to say and do with your child to help them regulate their emotions. From deep breathing exercises to mindfulness techniques, this card deck covers a wide range of strategies that are proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety in kids. Our emotional regulation card deck is a great tool for parents, educators, and therapists who want to teach children essential skills for managing their emotions.


The cards are easy to use, with clear and concise instructions that make it easy to implement the strategies in real-life situations. With our emotional regulation card deck, your child will learn how to identify and understand their emotions, as well as develop the skills to regulate them effectively. These skills will not only benefit them in the short term but will also set them up for success in the long term. So if you want to give your child the gift of emotional intelligence and resilience, get our printable card deck today and start building their emotional awareness and coping skills.



  • 54 printable cards
  • 9 pages in PDF format


After purchase, open your PDF and click the access link.
Print your cards and cut them out.