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Digital Copy - The Connected Family Journal and Positive Patterns Family Coloring Book


Families are busy and many are stressed, strained– and less connected.


Here are two simple, yet profound resources for you to pick up and easily sprinkle in a little mindfulness, gratitude, and connection to combat the disconnect and overwhelm with the ones you love!

THE CONNECTED FAMILY JOURNAL will help bring your family closer together! Through research-based practices that boost social-emotional well-being, families can take a few minutes to get mindful, open to sharing the positive things in life, and bond. Simple prompts and repeating exercises are designed to fit all ages, build habits, improve family connections, and encourage everyone to have fun together.


THE POSITIVE PATTERNS FAMILY COLORING BOOK will help bring you and your child closer together. It was specifically with best practices for boosting emotional regulation, reducing anxiety, and boosting overall mental health!


Each coloring page is based on the five senses, providing an opportunity to focus on the present moment (mindfulness) and notice how you use your senses to experience the world. There are mantras, quotes, and doodles throughout to inspire conversation and creativity.


So, grab your favorite coloring tools and get ready to embark on a journey of lasting traditions and memories while connecting with yourself, your child, and your family.


ABOUT The Connected Family Journal and Positive Patterns Family Coloring Book:

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