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How To Practice Self-Compassion Over the Holidays

by Elizabeth Sautter Isn’t it sort of ironic that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to focus on what we are thankful for, and then, not even 24 hours later, we move on and rush to shop and focus on the next big holiday. This doesn’t give any time to soak in that feeling […]

Cultivating Balance: Crafting a Family Screen Time Plan with the Latest Insights

Nurturing Family Values in Screen Time In an era dominated by screens, our family embarked on a journey to reshape our approach to screen time. This wasn’t just about restrictions; it was about cultivating a balance that aligns with our shared values and including our teens in the plan. Parenting teenagers requires adaptability. Dictating screen […]

3 Ways to Be a Mindful and Intentional Parent

In a world full of information, suggestions, and advice from family, friends, magazines, and experts, you might feel a little lost or overwhelmed with figuring out what’s the best way to support and guide your child. One thing that has helped me tremendously in my parenting journey of my neurodivergent children is to have a […]

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Personal Journey to Authentic Connections

A Personal Awakening As a speech pathologist in social communication, I had a profound realization that triggered a significant shift in my approach. Despite my genuine intentions, some of the ways I was teaching unintentionally created standards catering to the neuromajority, sidelining the diverse experiences of neurodiverse individuals. Unlearning and Embracing Neurodiversity The path of […]

Navigating Neurodiversity: Embracing Affirming Resources for Authentic Connection

The Power of Neurodiversity-Affirming Resources Traditional approaches to communication and understanding often fall short of recognizing the unique experiences and needs of neurodiverse individuals. This is where neurodiversity-affirming resources come into play. These resources aim to foster genuine connections, embracing the diversity of minds and perspectives that make up our world. Podcasts: Voices of Empowerment […]

How to Reinforce and Model Emotional Intelligence as a Stressed Parent

Parenting is undeniably stressful, and amidst the chaos, it’s challenging to face another argument, event, or obligation. However, our emotional intelligence (EQ) can be a guiding light, not only for our own well-being but also for teaching our children essential social and emotional skills. Emotions are a constant presence in our lives, offering opportunities to […]

Navigating Transitions: A Guide to Successful & Predictable Routines for Your Child

The world can be a bewildering place, especially for children who thrive on sameness or have unique learning needs. Transitions, big or small, can pose significant challenges, triggering reactions such as resistance, avoidance, or meltdowns, particularly for those who hyper-focus or struggle with undesired tasks. Understanding the Executive Functioning Challenge: Children with unique executive functioning […]

How Parents Can Emphasize Self-Care as a Need, Not a Want

The chaos of parenthood can be overwhelming, and self-care is, obviously one of the biggest, fastest and cheapest solutions. Which is exactly what society (and the research) is always telling us, right? There’s no shortage of articles and influencers telling us how to do it, and it can become easy to feel like we’re doing […]

Supporting Challenging Behavior at Home During COVID-19: An Interview with Ross Greene

With nationwide school closures in effect, many parents are trying to keep it all together at home managing their own work, their finances, and their own stress. All the while, parents are now also in the position of monitoring homeschooling, managing their children’s big feelings, and most likely, some challenging behaviors. In our Make Social […]

Nurturing Empathy in Children: The Power of One Simple Question

As a parent, if there’s one trait you’d wish to instill in your children, it’s likely compassion and empathy. Imagine a world where the next generation is not just aware of others but also deeply empathetic—what a beautiful place that would be! While some children naturally exhibit these qualities, others may need a little guidance. […]