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Unleashing Genuine Engagement – It’s Much More Complex than ‘Are You Listening to Me?’

In today’s society, the expectations around listening are often confined to visible behaviors and outward compliance, overshadowing the deeper aspects of genuine engagement and understanding. Traditional directives like “sit still,” “look at the speaker,” “pay attention,” and “be quiet” have long been considered the benchmarks or standards for listening. However, genuine engagement and processing go […]

A Self-Care Guide for Parents and Caregivers of Neurodivergent Kids

Each child is different and has different needs. As caregivers, we need to make sure that we’re providing their needs at home, as well as at school. This additional effort can often be stressful for us, and can cause our own needs to go unrecognized. When we neglect our needs, it not only affects our […]

Three Ways to Get Your Kids Back in the Groove of School and Homework

As a parent, I am eternally grateful to the teachers that educate my kids. School is one of society’s great inventions. But whether it’s the start of the year, going back after a holiday break, or going back after something as short as a weekend – kids often complain about school. My kids are still […]

Building Speech, Language, and Social Skills on the Road

It sounds like you’re planning a fantastic road trip with your family and incorporating some great activities to build speech, language, and social skills along the way. Here are a few more game ideas that can enhance your journey and create memorable moments: Story Chain: Start a story with a sentence or two, and then […]