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Whole Body Listening Bundle Download


Introducing my digital bundle of posters, handouts, activities, and worksheets designed to help children learn how their individual bodies listen best. This bundle contains 30 pages of resources that can be printed and used with students or children. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or caregiver, this bundle is a must-have to support children in developing and building up their listening.


The bundle includes a Whole Body Listening Poster and Worksheet, which provide a visual guide to help children explore the importance of listening with their whole body.


The Draw Yourself & What Works for You Worksheet encourages children to identify the strategies that work best for them when it comes to listening.


The Tools & Accommodations Handout and Worksheet offer ideas for tools and accommodations that can support children with different listening styles and needs.


The Mindful Body Scan Handout guides children through a calming activity that can help them focus on their bodies and become more mindful listeners.


The How Do You Feel Check-In Visual provides a simple tool for children to identify and communicate their emotions, which can help them better understand their own needs as listeners.


The This is How My Whole Body Listens Worksheet Set encourages children to reflect on how their bodies respond to different stimuli.


The Whole Body Listening Word & Picture Match and Match the Strategy to the Body Part Worksheet offer engaging activities that help children practice vocabulary and reinforce their understanding of how different parts of their bodies are involved in listening.


Finally, the bundle includes several writing and drawing practice pages to support children in expressing themselves and reflecting on what they have learned.


This bundle is available in both colored and black-and-white versions, making it easy to print and use in any setting. With a range of activities and resources, this bundle is the perfect tool to help children develop their listening skills and become more mindful and engaged learners.




Digital download
30 pdf printable pages
8.5″ x 11″
Two versions: 1 colored version and 1 black and white version for printing needs


After purchase, open your PDF and click the access link.
Print your cards and cut them out.

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