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From Morning to Night: Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in Homeschool

Navigating the world of homeschooling can be as rewarding as it is challenging, particularly when it comes to incorporating social emotional learning (SEL) into the daily curriculum. In the latest episode of our podcast, “The OT is in,” we had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Sautter, an expert in social emotional learning and a […]

Rev-Up Your Child’s Executive Functions for a Successful School Year

After a very long summertime and rest because of this pandemic, the transition back to school is overwhelming! Especially for children with ADHD.   In this hour-long webinar, learn practical ways to get your child’s brain back in “school mode” so they are ready for a successful school year, no matter how that looks.

Full PreFrontal with Sucheta Kamath

Making and keeping friends while struggling with Covid-19 social etiquette is a challenge we are facing these days. Being in our homes most of the hours of the day and finding meaning in isolation. It is really a challenge to connect with others!   In this podcast – Full PreFrontal hosted by Sucheta Kamath, I […]

How to Make Social & Emotional Learning Stick with Penny Williams

Children with ADHD and/or autism often have lagging skills in the areas of social skills and emotional intelligence and regulation. These lagging skills can lead to challenges with social interactions and relationships, listening, communication, appropriate communication of feelings, transitions, flexibility, willingness to try new things, behavior, and so much more.   In this episode of […]

Making After-School Cool Podcast

This year’s school is way different because of the distance learning. How’s your child? How’s the transition?   In this episode of Making Afterschool Cool Podcast, it focuses on strategies to address challenges on emotional/sensory regulation and executive functioning. Not just that, but the tendency of students with Executive Function Disorder being misdiagnosed as negligent […]

Social-Emotional Learning with Elizabeth Sautter

Ever wondered what SEL really means? Schools often approach it as a scripted curriculum, while therapists emphasize its integration into everyday experiences.   In this episode of Learn with Dr. Emily, discover how SEL empowers children to understand, regulate, and express their emotions effectively. Gain valuable techniques to support neurodivergent kids in managing anxiety and […]

Calm and Connected Podcast

It’s time to reflect on ourselves, our language, and how we educate children about diversity. Every brain is unique, so why should we expect everyone to learn, listen, work, or play the same way? Let’s celebrate the brilliance that comes from neurodiverse minds!   In this episode of Calm and Connected Podcast, Discover the concept […]

From whole body listening to everyday regulation

Dive deeper into the crucial conversation on Whole Body Listening and its relevance to neurodivergent learners!   In this episode, where we explore essential topics related to social-emotional learning, emotional regulation, and more. You won’t want to miss it!

Self-care and Self-compassion This episode aims to offer practical ways to integrate social and emotional learning seamlessly into everyday routines and activities.   This likely discusses strategies, tips, and insights for parents to enhance their children’s emotional management, social interactions, and anxiety reduction in daily life.

Making Social and Emotional Well-Being Stick – Impact Parent Palooza Summit when we think about helping kids learn how to navigate the social world, we think about teaching them specific things to do in a social situation such as saying “please” or “thank you” or giving direct eye contact. But we forget to talk about what works best for the child and also how to […]