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9 Practical Ways to Have a Stress-Free Morning with Your Neurodivergent Child...Whole Boosting Executive Functioning and Life Skills

Welcome to a smoother morning routine with your child!

Nobody wants to start their day off with nagging, yelling or stress!  But getting everyone out of the door in the mornings is often challenging, especially for children and teens with additional needs. 

But there are ways to make mornings easier and reduce the overwhelm and conflict! Get these 9 practical ways (the 9Cs to a smoother morning) and start  your day off with confidence and connection with your neurodivergent child today!

Boost Executive Functioning and Life Skills Explained:

Executive functioning refers to the mental skills used in being able to regulate, plan, remember the instructions, and juggle multiple tasks effectively. For neurodivergent children and teens, developing these skills in natural, everyday routines can significantly improve their ability to function and succeed in daily life and self-care.

Ultimately, if we infuse strategies to support this development, we can build independence and confidence for our children, making mornings and other routines much less stressful.

Here's What You'll Get:

The 9 Cs to a Calm Morning

Discover practical strategies tailored to neurodivergent children to reduce conflict and make your morning transitions less stressful!

Executive Functioning Tips

Support your child in developing essential executive functioning skills through everyday routines.

Build Life Skills

Explore ways to build independence, self-care and  important life skills into your child’s morning routine, fostering independence and confidence.

You are on your way to a smoother and peaceful morning routine!